Start of the next chapter…

Recently I announced my retirement from all paid work. This was a result of the pandemic and reflecting on what I wanted for myself and my family. I am in a fairly fortunate position. I was able to retire from employment early. I was able to set up my own consultancy. I had the privilege … Continue reading Start of the next chapter…

The next chapter…

In 2017 I decided I no longer wanted to remain as an 'employee'. I had my reasons then, some of which I have shared previously. This decision resulted in establishing 'Khorshed Bhote Consulting Limited', providing consultancy services as a coach and mentor and evaluator of training programmes. Today, I'd like to announce that my company … Continue reading The next chapter…

Stuck in a rut or going through a period of change? Let me help you move forward.

I am a highly experienced performance and transition coach, facilitating individuals and organisations on their journey through personal or professional change. Many years of experience in professional development, and as a coach and mentor, has provided me with an understanding of the unique individuality of people. My focus is always on providing the best approach … Continue reading Stuck in a rut or going through a period of change? Let me help you move forward.

Visualising the change you want for 2020

Visualise the thing that you want.  See it, feel it, believe in it.  Make your mental blue print, and begin to build. Robert Collier It’s the time of year when there is pressure to make new resolutions for the year ahead. The holidays preceding this moment can have had various effects on our wellbeing and … Continue reading Visualising the change you want for 2020

Creative collaboration: a new make-over for an ancient concept?

As part of The AMED Writer's Group, I was thrilled to be invited to write an article on Creative Collaboration for this Autumn's edition of AMED's e-Organisation & People online journal. Creativity is something we engage in on a daily basis, consciously or unconsciously, with or without others, formally or informally. For this article I wanted … Continue reading Creative collaboration: a new make-over for an ancient concept?

Mindful Teachers: Mindfulness in Schools: Research-Based Support for Teacher Training

The goal is to change the overall climate, tone, and quality of interaction so that it is more conducive to the health and wholeness of teacher and student. — Read on

Coaching:a recent experience

I was recently introduced to the 'Butterfly model™' of coaching by Julian Webb, a Senior Associate at Undiscovered Country. Over the years, as a coach, and on several occasions as a coachee, I have experienced variations of the GROW model, so I was curious to find out if anything was different about this one. As … Continue reading Coaching:a recent experience

Coaching conversation: Questioning skills

Does a day go by without you asking questions or being asked questions? More often than not, your response or the one you receive will clarify the information being pursued. Sometimes, especially when you are coaching someone or when resolving a problem, you will need to ask more than one question to arrive at the … Continue reading Coaching conversation: Questioning skills

Coaching conversation: Active listening

Well, aren’t we always listening when someone’s talking or speaking to us? Sure. However, active listening goes beyond listening to the words, it is communication which involves the following competencies: Emotional self-awareness – giving the person space to talk without unnecessary interruptions Sense of self-worth – dealing with empathy and understanding, especially when the person … Continue reading Coaching conversation: Active listening

Coaching for leadership skills

Sharing my reflection on coaching, based on experience and learning from others – what I learnt about myself that supported my career as a leader.

One year on…

An update on my journey one year after retirement.